How I Increased Conversion Rates By 10 Per Cent In Minutes


Sometimes, online marketing can clash with offline practices.  When I worked as a marketing manager at a career college in Toronto, I learned this first hand.

The college’s website had one of the longest online registration forms I have ever seen – 9 fields!

The form asked for the person’s first name, last name, phone number, program of interest, postal code – I was surprised the form didn’t ask for fingerprints!

During my first marketing meeting at the company, I proposed removing 6 fields on the form so only 3 remain. This step would have been a great way to increase leads at no additional cost.

The idea was quickly struck down by the owner of the company.  She mentioned how crucial each field is in offline marketing.  The phone number was required to follow up with the lead within 24 hours, the postal code was needed to ensure the lead is within the franchise’s district area while both, the first name and last name, were required for student loans.

With a clash between online and offline marketing practices, project “Increase Leads” had to take a different spin.

After meeting with the marketing team, we focused on changing one item to increase our conversions, the submit button.

We noticed there was a disconnect after the visitor finally filled out 9 fields and clicked the Submit button.  The disconnect came in the form of a question that asked “Ummmm….ok, what happens next?”

We were unable to tally how many conversions we potentially lost because of this practice, but we were certain a small change can increase conversions.

The button text was therefore changed from “Submit” to “Get Answers Now”.  This gave users a strong understanding of the next step in the student application process.  “Submit” was simply far too general by comparison.

After submitting 9 fields of information and clicking on “Get Answers Now”, users were taken to a thank you page.  The page informed visitors that an admissions representative will be in touch within 24 business hours.

The simple change took under 5 minutes to complete and grew conversion rates by 7 per cent in three weeks and 10 within the month.

Lesson learned: Try a simple text button change on your forms to help increase your conversion rates.

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